automatic gates for farms

If you have been a farmer all your life, having inherited the smallholding or large acreage from your paw and grand paw, keeping alive that old heritage that stretches back generations, this may conjure up some real old romantic feelings. Naw, you’re not about to get all teary eyed. After all, cowboys don’t cry, right. But cowboys do get the blues, pretty much every year. Farmers get them all the time. If it wasn’t for getting up at 4 am in the morning and only returning late at night when it was all dark out there, many of you might not be in this business today.

It’s a tough and responsible business, and those folks out there don’t seem to appreciate enough why it’s so necessary for the government to make provision for subsidies. This, as you know, is not a bailing out exercise. You call this your insurance plan. The reality is that financing this business has been quite costly. Who’s going to take care of the losses, you? Hell no, been there and done that. But guys, it’s also time to modernize, that’s been said time and time again over a number of years.

Getting out late at night to open that old rusty gate is quite a security risk. Looking into replacing these old gates with specialized automatic gates for farms is just one of the tickets towards securing your business. And you may want to take another drive around the perimeters of your acreage. It may also be time to think of replacing the rolled-out perimeter fencing. Who knows, electric security fencing might be on the cards.

Because have you checked your cattle count lately?