If you’ve just moved into a new home, or you want to spruce up your décor, there are many tricks you can employ to keep things on budget with beautiful results. By using the following ideas, you will transform your home and have everyone thinking you had a professional interior design NJ job done for you.

·    Keep small rooms lighter and brighter

Consider the size of the room you want to paint. If it’s smaller, the use of soft, lighter colors on the walls will make it feel larger than it is. Mirrors are another way to create the illusion of space. Their reflective surfaces will amplify the light lifting the atmosphere and making the room seem more open.

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·    There is nothing wrong with mixing styles

You want your space to reflect your personality. If you have an antique piece that you love, but want a modern sofa, stick them both together! Every piece tells the story of you. They don’t have to match in order to be aesthetically pleasing. If it makes you happy and comfortable, that confidence will shine through the design.

·    Baskets aren’t just for the bathroom

A beautiful wicker basket is an easy way to add storage to any room. Place anything from game controllers to blankets in one, and keep all those little things neatly tucked away.

·    Go through your garage

You’ve probably forgotten half of the things you stored away. Search through those old boxes and see what treasures you find. You might discover a long-lost knick-knack that you kept from childhood. All of these things help to create the story of you inside your home.

·    Get a breath of fresh air with potted plants

Not only are plants beautiful, but they will help with the quality of air in your home. They’ll balance humidity and absorb pollutants.